Central California Women’s Facility

We hosted 28 mental health book clubs at the World’s Largest Women’s Prison!

South Dakota Women’s Prison

The women at the prison sang to us in their Native American language, Lakota, a beautiful song about suffering before we said our goodbyes!

Lane Murray Unit Gatesville Prison

The muriel on the wall was painted by an inmate. Just incredible!

Missouri Women’s Eastern Correctional Center

These women have such courage to work through their trauma, choices, and recovery! It reminds me that we can always begin once again!

Clark County Detention Center

I spoke to the women inmates in the CCDC Women’s Soar Program which is to help women inmates rehabilitate and to set them up for success before they are released from prison. 

North Las Vegas Corrections Jail

I typically only go to the larger prisons, but I always try to keep a prayer in my heart as to where I should go. I ended up at North Las Vegas Corrections Jail and had an incredible experience. It’s a good reminder that bigger is not always better, and sometimes the people we are to help are in the smallest of places, but they are just as important.