“There are certain stories that touch you – for me, this was one of them. It is raw, honest, and a beautiful story of hope and love. These words left a mark on my heart, and this story is one of my most sacred and special I’ve ever done.”

Dr. Tara Narula, CBS This Morning Correspondent

Co-Author, Sonja Wasden

An award-winning and best-selling memoir, An Impossible Life, tells the stunningly brave and powerful true account of one woman’s descent into major depressive and manic episodes and how she found lifesaving therapy and medication to overcome and triumph.

When thirty-five-year-old Sonja Wasden is involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital by her husband and father, she is sure it is a mistake. Wife of a CEO, mother of three, living in a beautiful suburb, Sonja’s life appears ideal. How did she get here?

In a gripping and breathtaking narrative that makes the reader feel as though they are listening in on a private conversation, Sonja reveals her delusions and battles with mental illness, motherhood, and marriage. When all hope seems lost, this true story of perseverance is inspiring and unforgettable.

An Impossible Life shines as a beacon of hope for all struggling with their mental health that they can find their own path to healing.